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​​Summer Camp 2019

Quick Facts

  Children on the playground at 


Some of our Kindergarten students at Blackwell

Application Form


Blackwell Preschool and

Kindergarten Application

Please print and complete the application form and either bring it by the preschool or mail to the address on this page. Please include the registration fee to hold your child's place.

​​​​​​​​​​​​At Blackwell Preschool and Kindergarten

we have provided a

loving, caring, safe place for young children since 1987.

​The school day is

8:45-12:00 for Pre-K 

8:20-12:30 for Kindergarten

We have a very capable staff that is continually being trained.  Our director has a degree in early childhood education and our adviser has a doctorate in education.

Class ratios maximums:

​6/2 in the 18 month program on

Tuesdays and Thursdays

 9/2 in our 2’s two days

three days or

five days 

 12/2 in our 3’s, three days or five days.

9/2 in our 4’s, three days 

9/2 five days.

 Kindergarten has a minimum of 8 in order to have the class and a 
 maximum of 10.  It is a five, half-day program, 8:20-12:30

700 N. Road Street

Elizabeth City NC 27909